GameMaker Tutorials: Using JSON Data

While working on a trading card game one day, I realized that I was going to need a system that would allow me to dynamically create cards from a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are great for balancing and[…]

Five Steps to a Polished Game

Everyone knows that in order for a game to be finished, it is going to require a good amount of polish. However, few people seem to be able to define what this means exactly? If you ask a professional[…]

GameMaker Tutorials: Pausing the Game

 One of the features I see many people struggle with when creating their games is the ability to pause the game. Part of the reason for this is that it is usually something they try[…]

How to write a one pager

One of the biggest issues I see everyday with aspiring game designers is they often haven’t thought through what their game actually is. Sure, they have a general idea of what mechanics are in the[…]

GameMaker Tutorials: Flickable Scrolling Gallery

  In this tutorial we are going to look at creating a flickable, scrolling image gallery as you might find in many games played on mobile devices. This means that the gallery will not only[…]

GameMaker Tutorials: Dynamic Puzzle Pieces

  In this tutorial we are going to look at building a system to slice up an image into pieces, shuffle them around, swap the pieces and finally, solve the puzzle. While this may sound[…]

GameMaker Tutorials: Splash Damage

  In this tutorial we are going to take a look at creating an explosion that deals a sliding scale of damage based on proximity, better known as Splash Damage. This is a fairly simple[…]