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HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker Are you interested in learning how to make HTML5 games, but don’t know where to start? Have you just picked up GameMaker: Studio and want to understand how to code your own games? Are you wanting a reference manual, but can’t afford it on your indie / student / hobbyist budget? Well here is a chance for you to win a free digital copy of my book, HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker. Packt Publishing has generously donated several digital copies for me to give away and we want you to help spread the word. It’s really easy to enter and we are giving everyone up to three chances for this draw!

How to Enter

There are three separate ways you can enter this contest. Each method will give you an opportunity to win, though you can only win once. The contest runs until June 30, 2013 and we will announce the winners on July 1, 2013.

Ticket #1

Leave a comment on this post describing your passion for GameMaker:Studio and HTML5 games.

Ticket #2

Follow me on Twitter @jasonleeelliott and then retweet this tweet.

Ticket #3 

Follow me on Google+ Jason Lee Elliott and then publicly share this post.

 This Contest is now over!

I would like to thank everybody who entered the contest to win a copy of my book. There were quite a few entries but only a few could win. It was a completely random draw, though for the people who entered all three ways, they couldn’t win multiple times 😉

Congratulations to the winners:
Seth Paxton, Stephan Mangold, Morten Schouenborg, Gael Cardenas, Corey Koltz, Di Wu,  Oscar Scorp, Regner Blok-Andersen, Michael Nicanor and Robert Cassidy!

9 thoughts on “Win a digital copy of HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker

  1. Quite possibly the best book written on html5 game development with game maker by a guy called jason and published by Packt publishing. In fact, I’d go out of my way by saying definitely the best book written on html5 game development with game maker by a guy called jason and published by Packt publishing

  2. I’ve always been super, super interested in making games, I remember using the free version of RPG Maker to make school projects back in middle school. I’ve already done a decent amount of research on the more intricate aspects of design, but at this point my biggest barrier is the actual know-how. As a freshman in college this September, I’m going to have more time and less money than ever, so this would be a fantastic opportunity for me.

    Thanks for having this, by the way.

  3. Definitely need this. I have used GameMaker 8 and older and haven’t been able to update my skills to the new Studio version yet. This book would be ideal helping me convert my existing titles over so I can port them to HTML5 and others.

  4. Beginning to learn GameMaker and game development, it is awesome. This book would be a great help. Thanks for the offer.

  5. I wonder how gamemaker would work with HTML 5 could be a great book to expand my knowledge. I love making games that is innovative and player would take something from the game to have a spiritual bond to the game. I will continue make games using this to rapid prototype games.

  6. Learning GM and love the HTML 5 capability, to easily share my work. Currently working through the Habgood tutorial books, would love to get one built around the current version (Studio).

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