Chapter 03: Space Shooter

In this chapter, we create a very simple side-scrolling shooter that introduces us to the basics of making a complete game utilizing GML code. There is a player spaceship that can move around the play area and fire weapons. Colliding into an enemy or enemy bullet will be destroy the player, but they respawn if they have any remaining lives. There are three different types of enemies that fly across the screen. The weaponless FloatBot, the stationary but deadly SpaceMine, and the lethal Strafer. The game is then polished by displaying the score and player lives, scrolling the background, playing background music, adding explosions, and most importantly, a win/lose condition that will restart the game.

HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker Cover
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Survive for 3 minutes against the enemy onslaught!
Movement: Arrow Keys
Shoot: Spacebar


Design and Code
Jason Lee Elliott

Bert Dennison

Brian Werst

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