GameMaker Tutorials: Flickable Scrolling Gallery

  In this tutorial we are going to look at creating a flickable, scrolling image gallery as you might find in many games played on mobile devices. This means that the gallery will not only[…]

GameMaker Tutorials: Dynamic Puzzle Pieces

  In this tutorial we are going to look at building a system to slice up an image into pieces, shuffle them around, swap the pieces and finally, solve the puzzle. While this may sound[…]

Designing Unique Healthbars

In the last tutorial we reconstructed Game Maker’s internal draw_healthbar function. This allowed us to understand how it was implemented and gave us a foundation we could build more unique healthbars. In this tutorial, we[…]

Designing a Health System in Game Maker

In the next couple of  tutorials,  I thought I would focus on something very practical, reusable, and something most people struggle with when they first start developing in Game Maker: Designing a complete health system.[…]

Dynamic Collidable Object Creation

***This tutorial is for GameMaker 8.1 and earlier versions. Many of these functions are obsolete in GameMaker:Studio*** I spend a lot of time just playing around in Game Maker, creating snippets of game play and[…]

Playing with Strings in Game Maker Pt 2

In the last tutorial, we covered the basics of playing with strings. You should, by now, have a good grasp of the differences between chr and ord, numbers and strings, and how they can be[…]

Playing with Strings in Game Maker Pt. 1

I don’t remember who it was that told me this, but apparently one of the first things they teach you in a university Computer Science course is how to play with strings. When I heard[…]