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It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted and I don’t have much of an excuse. It was in between quarters, so I went down to Seattle to be with my wife, as per usual. The not blogging part was laziness on my part. I know I could have posted as I did have my netbook with me, but I just didn’t want to be online. On the bright side, it did allow me to do some other things, such as explore a bit more of Washington State.

My wife and I had rented a car and began our trip by driving from Vancouver to Seattle while attempting to not drive on the I5. We would have achieved that, but I screwed up and got a bit lost, so I had to take it for one exit between Ferndale and Bellingham. Anyways, it was a nice drive along the shoreline for the first half of the trip, and a beautiful journey through the trees for the second part. As for recommended things to do along the way? There wasn’t a lot, as most of these towns are very small, suburban style places. There was however, one bug exception: Bellingham.

I have been going down to Bellingham since I was a little child, like most people who live near the Canada-US border. The main reason for doing so was the cheap prices on goods and the wonderful Bellis Fair Mall (or it used to be wonderful). Apparently, in all those trips, I never actually went into the old downtown area, so my preconceptions of what was there were way off base. Bellingham, I have now discovered, is a fantastic college town and has some pretty funky stuff going. If you have the chance to go there, there are two places I will recommend you stop at.

The first is Fiamma Burger. They have possibly the best Hamburger I have ever had in my life, and I eat plenty of them. You can get Beef, Chicken, Salmon, Lamb or for those not liking meat, they have Veggie burgers. Their food is mostly organic, free range, local….all the typical trendy things to do, but what puts them above everything else? The amazing, fresh baked, butter buns. It honestly made me want to cry tears of joy ( I didn’t ). They only downside to them is that they have just the one location.

The second place I found was Rocket Donuts. I almost passed on this because I had just finished stuffing myself with said burger and I didn’t feel like pastry. They did however have this awesome retro rocket outside the store. Inside was a cool, classic donut shop with most of the standards on display. Suddenly, I saw the glory of glories: a bacon maple donut! Last winter I drove all the way down to Portland, Oregon to go to VooDoo Donuts just to get my hands on one of these. At that time I declared it the best thing ever. Of course I had to buy one and honestly, this one was even better. The entire top was layered with bacon, instead of the standard two strips. Yeah, you are probably drooling right now too.

Well, that about sums up everything exciting I found travelling through the small towns on route to Seattle. I am incredibly happy to have discovered Bellingham and hope to return soon.

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