Thoughts On: Choose Your School

I have been wanting to talk about how to go about choosing a school to develop your skills for a while now. Then, this week, a news story broke out about a woman who attended[…]

Casual Connect Review

At last, I have some time to collect my thoughts, take a look back on the Casual Connect Conference and see what I learned. Overall, I will say that I didn’t really “learn” a lot[…]

Thoughts on: The Future of Games as Art

The debate about whether games should be considered art is one that won’t be settled any time soon. Both sides of the argument have valid points and at a minimum, everyone can at least agree[…]

Thoughts On: How to become a Game Designer

As a game designer who also teaches, I am often asked how someone becomes a game designer. I find it incredibly difficult to answer this as there are really two ways to think about this.[…]

Thoughts on: Mission Types

One of the most difficult things about being a game designer is the general lack of a taxonomy regarding, well, pretty much everything. It’s as though each company/team/lead wants to have their own lingo, like[…]

Designer’s Toolbox – Game Maker 8.0

Of all the video game development software I have used, by far my favorite has been the Game Maker series from YoYo Games. If you are an aspiring designer or a professional that wants to[…]