The Neurological Effects of Game Mechanics

I wrote this short thesis as part of my application to the Masters of Digital Media program at the Centre for Digital Media. I’ve decided to share it with everyone with the addition of images.[…]

A Fine Line: Cloning vs Evolution

Every so often, some event will cause a ripple through the internet and will continue to build until it becomes a tidal wave of opinion. Currently, the big wave passing through the indie games community[…]

A Call To Arms Pt.3 – Indies

If you are just catching up in this series, we have so far talked about the issues plaguing the video game industry and one possible solution in the form of unionization. In this article, I[…]

A Call to Arms pt.2 Unions

In my last post, I called bullshit on the way developers are being treated in the Game Industry. It’s easy for anyone to complain about what goes on, but it is much harder to come[…]

A Call to Arms

As everyone who’s been following the game industry knows by now, it’s been another rough fall on the employment front. Electronic Arts has once again laid off over 100 people from their EA Canada studio,[…]

A Designer’s Moral Dilemma

If you have been following the game industry this week, you likely heard the stories coming out of Zynga, the biggest player in social gaming. The CEO, Mark Pincus, has been accused of telling his[…]

Secrets of Success

I have taught for almost six years now in a wide variety of classes , including being the Portfolio Instructor. This has allowed me to work with students interested in a wide range of subject[…]