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HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker Book Cover

I am proud to announce the publication of HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker, the book I have been working on for the last 8 months. I would like to give a shout out to Bert Dennison who helped me with some of the art for the games and to Brian Werst for all the excellent music he provided. Also, a big thanks to everyone at Packt Publishing who helped make this book happen.

Writing this book was an incredible experience and I will talk all about it in a future post-mortem post. For now, let me just tell you a bit of what this book is all about. HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker is unlike many other books on the software (that I have read at least) in that it focuses almost exclusively on utilizing GameMaker’s powerful scripting language: GML. There is plenty of material elsewhere on the internet about the drag and drop method and I wanted to jump right past that and into writing code.  The first few chapters are really meant for people that are new to the software and I cover all the basics you need to know, including scripting a side scrolling shooter. The book then ramps up into more complex projects, designing systems and writing efficient code. There are chapters on using Box2D physics, particles, and integrating the built in Flurry data analytics and Facebook functionality. I even included an appendix that covers the DnD to GML conversion, which is a special online only chapter. (The book was bit too long to get it in the print edition). I tried to make sure I had a little something for everyone and I think I achieved that.

If you want to purchase the book you can get it directly from the publisher here or you can go to Amazon and other various online retailers of books. I should also mention it is available in print as well as epub, PDF, and other digital formats you may like.

I really hope people enjoy the book and get something out of it. Please feel free to ask me questions and send me your comments (both bad and good, I like feedback).

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