2018: A New Direction

Wow! It’s been quite a while since I posted anything here, hasn’t it. Well, it’s about time I finally kickstart this thing (once again). One of the reasons I haven’t posted anything is because I didn’t have a vision for what I wanted to do with the site. My interests have changed quite a lot over the last few years and it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do here. Recently, I took a step back and took a new look at what I have been doing and suddenly everything clicked.

It really started when I noticed that, over the last two years, I often started writing a post, but never got around to finishing it. Many of the posts were partial GameMaker tutorials, but I haven’t been building any games so, of course, I failed to complete them. Next, I looked at what I had been doing, which was mainly a lot of experimenting with technologies and learning new things, such as Korean. I haven’t shown any of this stuff as it has been incomplete prototypes or random experiments or basically ideas in various states of failure. Finally, I realized that the lessons I am trying to instill into my students is that the only way to find success is to fail fast. Put it all together and you can see a clear direction.

Going forward I will attempt to post about failing my way towards success. When I can, I will livestream what I am working on. I will also try to explain what the learning were, since that is really the most important part. I will also try and get back to making some tutorials and I have a bunch of content that needs a home.

Time to go have fun failing to succeed!

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