2015: Year in Review


It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by already. My memories of the past year are a bit fuzzy as it was an incredibly intense 12 months with very little downtime. But that’s what I get for taking a Masters program while continuing to teach, both full-time. Let’s see what I do remember…


The year started out with a three month client project working on a second screen app for the upcoming Reboot: The Guardian Code television series. My primary role was Project Manager, something that I have never done before and taught me a lot about myself. I discovered that I work well with clients and that I come off as cool and calm under pressure. In fact, I found out that I can be too calm within a team setting and actually bring down the energy level. I won’t get into all the details (you can read the project blog here) but the whole project was an incredible success with all the clients being satisfied and a bonus of having the project renewed for a second phase (project blog here). I, however, didn’t continue on with the team as I had my own project to pitch.


One of my goals when I started my Masters was that I wanted to try and start my own company. When it came time to pitch potential ideas, I was lucky enough to find a few others in my cohort that were interested in helping develop an IP based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe and the prototype I worked on in my first semester. We called ourselves One Blue Eye Studios (dev blog here) and set out to build our universe. We spent about 5 months working on this concept/company which was a lot of fun and quite the challenge on both the design and biz dev side of things. It was this experience that lead to my biggest learning lesson from the whole program. I now know that I have all the knowledge and skills to run a creative studio, but I lack a passion for the business side of things, something that is crucial for success. Building a business requires a lot of time and effort focusing on things like budgets, social media, and legal stuff that just doesn’t interest me day in and day out. It was this realization, along with each member of the team having their own reasons, that we decided to not move forward with company. We had our fun and who knows, maybe one day we will come back to it.


Heading into 2016, I don’t have a lot of predictions or specific goals to achieve (yet). Part of this has to do with having completed my Masters of Digital Media degree which consumed most of the last two years of my life. The other reason is that I have a brand new job and don’t know what to expect! Its a major step forward in my career and I’m pumped to get started. To say that I am excited doesn’t describe it well enough!

Happy New Year!

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